New Release Announcement: Tsunami XR Workspaces 5.2

Tsunami XR Workspaces.jpg

We are excited to announce the new 5.2 release of Tsunami XR Workspaces 5.2

Adding power to the platform and bringing even more simplicity to the interface. 

New features:

  • Native Android support for Tablet Mode and AR Tablet Mode.

  • Mobile web client videoconferencing support for Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

  • Scalable multi-region server support for North America and Asia automatically connects the local user to the closest Tsunami XR Workspaces server and simultaneously connects the regions for the best global videoconferencing and spatial collaboration experience available.

  • Environment Grid and Snap Movement to Grid for all objects, plus show and hide grid settings to customize the experience.

  • Snap Movement to Objects to automatically align objects with each other.

  • Orthographic Views (top, front and side) are part of a new View menu in Desktop Mode.

Improved features:

  • Movement and rotation of objects feels more natural, plus added the ability to rotate and scale boards.

  • Explore tool in Desktop Mode allows for movement through a workspace while limiting mouse interaction to system UI only. 

  • New Settings menu UI to easily customize Tsunami XR Workspaces.

  • AR calibration in AR Tablet Mode.

We've also given special attention to improve performance and stability. The team has significantly slashed CPU usage and improved memory management on all device types. Additionally, the videoconferencing capabilities received an upgrade that improves stream quality while cutting CPU usage.

Dan Lipsky